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Mardi Gras

I didn’t get to go down south for Mardi Gras, but the party store near me had plenty of beads, and I even found a pair of bright green hot pants.  I decided to have my own Mardi Gras party for you guys.  I showed off my tits and gave myself beads.  You know how it works.  You have to show off more to get the bigger beads, and I was so naughty that I gave myself all the ones I bought.  My photographer even brought some for me!  See what I did to earn all these beads over at Kates Playground where you’ll find out that the party is wilder in my bedroom than on the street.

House Work

p>I don’t like getting dust and things on my clothes when I clean, so I always end up out in the house in bra and panties.  I polished my dining room table and got the kitchen cleaned.  After everything was clean, I decided it was time to get dirty and I slid onto my polished wood table.  I got rid of the bra and panties, then I used my fingers to work a different surface.  Watch me get my nice clean table all slick and wet in these photos.  These are teasers, but the good ones are over at Kates Playground.

Diamonds and Pearls

p>I’m a cute, sweet, young girl, but I can also be a classy young woman.  Enjoy these sexy photos of me all ready to play.  Imagine my sexy body waiting on your hotel bed after you come in from a long day, draped in black lace and pearls.  I wonder how that string of pearls running along my wet slit feels under your fingers.  I know I like how it feels when I shift my body.  We could have so much fun tumbling around in those fresh white sheets.  We took a lot of these hot pictures, but the best ones are over at Kates Playground.  Go take a look and let me keep you company for awhile.


I’m really a very good girl sometimes, but even good girls can go bad.  Check out my sexy high boots and studded outfit.  It makes me feel so sexy!  Now who’s been a naughty boy?  I might just have to take you to my room and teach you a lesson.  You’ll be up all night learning how to please your sexy little goddess.  I really hope you have the stamina to keep up.  If you think these are sexy, you haven’t seen anything yet!  Go on over  to Kates Playground to watch me take charge.  You know you want to, and you deserve it!


Here’s a fun video clip of me rolling around on my bed and touching myself in naughty places.  I know you’ll get turned on by this one, and I won’t be the only one panting!  You can see just how far I’m willing to go at Kates Playground.

Double down

p>I’m practicing my best Las Vegas casino card dealer look in these fun pictures.  I couldn’t resist this cute little number, and I found a pack of cards.  Do you prefer blackjack or poker?  Maybe Texas hold’em?  See me deal the cards at Kates Playground .